• Whole Blood: ABO and Rh compatabilities. 500 mL
    $45 USD / £29 GBP
  • Packed Red Cells: Whole Blood less 80% of the plasma. 250 mL
    $45 USD / £29 GBP
  • White Blood Cells: In 20% plasma. 150 mL
    $35 USD / £22 GBP
  • Platelets: 50 mL platelets from RBC sediment. $45 USD / £29 GBP
  • Please note we don't supply fresh or frozen plasma as this is not a product our customers desire.
  • All products are available in units of 6, 12 or 48. Products are shipped overnight in secure nitrogen packing.
  • We do not recommend purchasing more than two weeks supply at any given time as even with refrigeration, freezing or nitrogen storage degradation of taste and smell will occur after aproximately two weeks.
  • Discreet drinkers may wish to order our custom labels for recanting our products into standard 750 ml wine bottles. For concealing the tell tale signs of blood lust in your eyes we recommend Juicy Contacts.

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